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    Detail :
    Terbuat dari Bahan Vynil
    Tahan Lama
    Mudah Dibersihkan
    Berfungsi sebagai anti-slip
    Cocok untuk area basah

    Jaminan 30-hari uang kembali
    Gratis pengiriman di U.S.
    Beli sekarang, dapatkan dalam 2 hari.

    3M Entrap 9100 Anti Slip Matting - 0.9M X 12M

    Terbuat dari bahan Vynil yang tahan lama dan mudah dibersihkan, keset ini berfungsi sebagai anti-slip sekaligus dan dapat mengurangi kepenatan (anti fatigue) bagi orang yang berdiri di atasnya.  Sangat cocok untuk area basah

    Features of the mat

    • It features durable patented Z-web vinyl ridges that scrape dirt and moisture from shoes to minimise slip and fall accidents.
    • Its flat and highly durable surface helps resist abrasion and facilitates cart usage.
    • It is designed for interior entrances or other indoor areas where liquid may be spilled. It can also be used as a mat of 3M entrance matting systems.
    • Available in a variety of colours to enhance any décor.
    • It is safe, anti-mildew and anti-flammable.
    • At 5mm thick, the unbacked structure enables dirt particles to fall to the bottom of the mat for easy cleaning.
    • Suitable for use outdoors, at doorsteps, swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas, freezer rooms or wet and slippery areas.