Nilfisk Pad Holder-17 3 Lug F/BR855

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Type: Holder
-AD 56505780 16 inch Pad Driver Assembly for Nilfisk Advance Scrubbers.
-Short trim poly bristles in conjunction with a center locking floor pad holder, securely hold your floor pad to the pad driver.
-Filament is set in a 16 inch diameter solid heavy duty plastic molded block.
-Includes 3 mounting drive lugs.
-Thes e brushes have a 5-1/2 inch center hole. Many machines require two, or in some cases, 1 or 3 brushes
-Fits many popular Nilfisk Advance scrubbers including Adgressor 3220D, CS7000, Condor 4830D, 4830D-AXP, SC800-86, BA 856, BR 850, BR 850S EDS, BR 855, BR 1300S, Hydro-Retriever --325HD, 3200, 3200, Captor 4800, 320HD, 320BHD, 325HD, Converta Max 34, Convertamatic 18, Convertamatic 32, Convertamatic 32B, Convertamatic 32BD, Convertamatic 320, -----C---convertamatic 325, Convertamatic 3200, Lynx 325 and Trac 320.

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