Fisch Webbling Sling 1T,1M (NSD11)

68.000,00 Rp 68000.0 IDR

68.000,00 Rp

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Pattern:2 PLY
Lenght:1 m
Basket WLL:2000 Kg
Vertical WLL:1000 Kg
Choker WLL:800 KG

Product Details
-Flat Webbing Slings
-Duplex webbing slings for various lifting applications. Colours enable colour coding making it easier to identify the right webbing for the right task.
-Strong, flexible & lightweight
-Polyester construction
-Lighter than chain & less likely to cause damage
-Easy to inspect for damage
-Shock absorbing
-High resistance to abrasion
-Webbing sling ends in Becket Eyes

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Gratis pengiriman di U.S.
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