Devcon Dev-Thane 2 (14501)

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Over months of service the weld seams, and tube sheet joints would wear from processing or filtering lime and dry dust particulate. The wear was so severe that air and material leakage occurred. Past repair procedure was to weld or reseal with RTV sealant. Both past repair procedures were time consuming and offered poor performance.

Repair areas were first roughened to a SSPC-SP5 white metal finish using a grinding machine. Following roughening, all repair areas were chemically cleaned using Cleaner Blend 300. Plastic Steel Putty was mixed and applied as a filler to all worn metal areas on both the floor and wall seams. Following a partial cure of Plastic Steel Putty, (2 hours), Plastic steel Liquid was applied using a paint brush to lock in Plastic Steel Putty and to seal all potential pin holes. This repair process reduced downtime by 6 days. The overall cost savings using Devcon's repair was estimated to be $10K.

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Specifications for Devcon Dev-Thane 2 (14501)

Uk. Chemical 400 ml or 50 ml

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