Devcon Epoxy Coat 6500 Grey (12875)

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Loading dock areas in plants see continuous “wear and tear” from forklifts running back and forth into trucks carrying pallets of material that abrade across the floor. Once these areas become “smooth”, they are dangerously slippery when water gets on the surface. The plant wanted to skid-proof the shipping area in front of the loading bays, which would hold up to heavy forklift traffic, yet coat the floor with an epoxy that could be cleaned up easily everyday and look good. A real dilemma!
The area was degreased with a good cleaner to remove all oil and dirt. The floor was etched with Devcon’s B-4 Etcher in dock area. After the floor was cleaned and dried, a coating of Epoxy Concrete Sealer was rolled onto the surface. Silicone carbide grit was then broad-casted onto the floor. After material cured, backer rod was installed in the expansion/control joints, then a top coat of Epoxy Concrete Sealer (with grey colorant) was rolled over first coat, removing backer rod after coating the area. The finished floor has an epoxy topcoat with silicone carbide underneath for skid proofing that can be easily cleaned.

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Uk. Chemical 3 gal

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