Devcon Titanium Putty (10760)

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Titanium Putty
High-performance, non-rusting titanium-reinforced epoxy engineered for making repairs to machinery and equipment that can be precision machined. Withstands heavy loads in hard chemical envirnoments
Excellent temperature resistance (350°F)
High compressive strength (15,200 psi)
Resistance to chemicals and most acids, bases, solvents, and alkalis
Qualifies under Mil Spec MIL-PRF-24176C, Type I

Jaminan 30-hari uang kembali
Gratis pengiriman di U.S.
Beli sekarang, dapatkan dalam 2 hari.


Specifications for Devcon Titanium Putty (10760)

Uk. Chemical 1 lb or 2 lb

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