Dengensha Mesin Spot Welding DGS NDZ-050-406SA (35 KVA)

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    Model : NDZ-035-406SA
    Primary Voltage : 200/400 V
    Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz
    Rated Capacity : 35 kVA
    Maximum Input : 106/122 kVA

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    Deskripsi :

    AC Stationary Spot Welders, NDZ Series

    Standardized to simplify purchase, operation and maintenance. With the newest NWC-900 series weld control, the industry’s most robust frame in a compact size and four transformer capacities.

    Simplicity and performance.

    35, 50, 70 or 100kVA rated capacity for manual or automated robotic welding and projection welding of weld nuts and bolts. Easily integrates with nut/bolt feeders for low and high volume production. UL or CSA and adjustable stroke.

    Quality built for minimal maintenance.

    The industry’s most robust frame in a compact size. With foot switch or palm start, two different weld force pressures and 2 throat depths available. New high speed, high performance air cylinder is energy and cost efficient. 

    Precision NWC-900 controls.

    Built-in step-down transformer and high efficiency timer with a maximum of 255 weld schedules available. 100-200A fuse breaker and 100-200kVA transformer. Program/monitor box with optical reader programming cards, DC 24V solenoid and up to 33,000A welding current.

    Long-Stoke Model.

    Designed to handle deep drawn parts or long shank bolts. This newest model of the NDZ is available in a 115 mm and 155 mm stroke versions, and still comes with all the same standard features as the 75 mm stroke version.

    NEW E-Series MFDC Model. 

    New E-Series MFDC NDZ utilizes advanced controls for lower weld currents and better heat efficiency. This model reaches maximum current levels faster and creates stronger projection welds. Great for welding high strength steel, the MFDC NDZ is available in 70 and 100kVA.

    Spesifikasi :

    • Model : NDZ-035-406SA

    • Primary Voltage : 200/400 V

    • Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz

    • Rated Capacity : 35 kVA

    • Maximum Input : 106/122 kVA

    • Max short circuit current : 17000A

    • Throat depth : 400 mm

    • Max. electrode force (at 0.5Mpa) : 6kN

    • Total stroke : 75 mm

    • Horn Diameter : 60 mm

    • Electrode holder diameter : 25 mm

    • Tip diameter : 16 mm

    • Electrode taper : 1/10

    • Required water flow rate : 8 I/min

    • Timer/Contractor : NWC-900-41/11

    • Program box : PB-900-21

    • Secondary current feed back : Toroidal coil

    • Approx. mass : 255 kg

    • Rated Capacity : 42 kVa

    • Max. Input : 122 kVa

    • Allowable Duty Cycle : 4.1 (%)

    • Max. Electrode Force, kN, at 0.5 Mpa : 6

    • Approximate Weight : 275 kg