Jaguar Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor EAS10-75 (7.5-55kW)

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    Five advantages:

    ◇Massive air displacement: the latest rotor design, massive air displacement.

    ◇High energy efficiency: high volume rate, low friction loss, high mechanical efficiency.

    ◇Low cost: compact structure, mature and reliable product, and reasonable price.

    ◇Less maintenance: fewer parts of air-end, no wearing parts, low maintenance cost.

    ◇Quick change: the change of work pressure-demand only needs simple replacement of belt pulley, convenient and fast.

    Belt: German imported belt has transmission efficiency higher, and longer service life.

    Air/Oil Filter: Imported materials, effectively protect the air compressor, significantly prolong the life of air compressor.

    Electrical Control: Internationally renowned components are reliable, safe, and easy to operate.

    Portable Air Compressor With Tank

    EAS series can selectively match with portable air tank, which meets the requirements of possible mobile operations and can go wherever you want.