Koike IK 93 Edge Cut

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Lightweight, compact, trackless oxyfuel beveling
-Designed in cooperation with the shipbuilding industry to meet the need for simple, yet effective plate edge preparation. the Edge-Cut performs high quality single or double bevels without -----the need for a track. V-Grooves essential to full penetration welds can be performed with just one pass. Ease of set up and constant speed ensure high quality cutting even during long distant -cutting. The KOIKE Snap Valve allows pre-setting of flames to reduce set up time while reducing gas waste.
-Trackles Beveling
-Bevels plate edge top and bottom, up to 45 deg. without the need for track.
Pre-Set Flame
-Unique KOIKE Snap Valve allows saving flame settings and quickly turns gases on and off.
-Specialized Torch Set Designed to allow accurate bevels and quick set up of torches.
-Pistol Shape Grip Operator can control forward/reverse, clutch and speed adjustment with just one hand.
-Multi Purpose Cutting
Performs straight line, hand guided and circle cutting.

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