QPLUS HD Anti-Rust Penetrant QP019 Made in USA

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QP 019 Heavy Duty Anti Rust Penetrant is a blended formulation with double strength metal conditioner and anti-rust ability. QP 019 is an excellent penetrant for loosening rusty nuts and bolts. Excellent long lasting anti-rust protective film for mould protection. It displaces moisture and seals parts from oxidation. Can be used as tapping oil. Excellent for tap and die tools maintenance. QP 019 can be mixed into greases to improve the quality of greases used. Its excellent anti-weld property reduces friction, heat and wear & tear of parts in contact.
Solvent used for QP 019 is of high purity, mild odour, low skin irritation, superior spreadibility & improved di-electric properties..

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Specifications for QPLUS HD Anti-Rust Penetrant QP019 Made in USA

Uk. Chemical 300 g

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