SealXpert Ultra Sealing Tape 32 mm (Equivalent to Leak-None Tape)

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-Seals active pipe leaks up to 150 psi (11 kg/cm2)
-High tensile and dielectric strength
-Superior bonding properties
-Bond to itself, no adhesive required
-Excellent air and moisture control
-Seals irregular shapes
-Resists weathering
-Metal and non-metal pipes
-Water (drinking water, wastewater, steam)
-Mild acids (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid) and alkalis
-Gases (LNG, LPG)
-Organic salts
-Permanent air-tight and water-tight seal in emergency situations
-Designed for quick plumbing repairs, sealing hoses, emergency O-ring, seals or to insulate electrical wiring
-Use for active pipe leak repairs, leaking joints and hazardous material spill control

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