Secura Wire Rope Puller SCP 32-20 (3,2 ton x 20 meter)

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1.Measures small and light
2.Equipped with two safety devices, and
this guarantees safe operations.
3.Wire rope is drawn out straight, by distant
operations regardless of wire lengths.
4.Transmission speed 3 meters per minute,
and this is the fastest among
all hand-driven hauling devices.
5.Wire rope can be used at any working degrees.
6.Equipped with a safety hook, preventing wire
rope from coming off while operations.
7.Most rationally planned, designed and durable.

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  • MODEL :  SCP32

  • Lifting Capacity : 3200 Kg

  • Pulling capacity : 6000 Kg

  • Tested to : 6000 Kg

  • Steel wire rope dia : IWRC 16 mm

  • Wire rope safety factor load capacity : 5 x WLL mm

  • Breaking strength of wire rope : 17.200 Kg

  • Overall structure breaking strength : 4 x WLL

  • Transmission speed rate per min : 3mtrs

  • Safety device : safety pins

  • Net weight( without wire rope) : 23 Kg

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