Cold Water High Pressure Idrobase Tornado EM Electtrica 1000 Bar/15l/min (Italy)

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CODE : ZX.1000-15EM
Model :1000/15EM
Version : By-pass
Pressure : 1000 bar
RPM : 1450
Flow rate : 15 l/mi
Power : 40 hp

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The ideal electrical solution. High power serving cleaning tasks in applications such as naval, construction sites and sandblasting. High pressure combined with the force of water. The best solution for continuous and intensive use, with the guarantee of power, quality and reliability.


Control board: direct starter panel, alarm indicators, emergency stop  button 

Electric Motor: asynchronous, 3-phase 

Transmission: by coupling joint fitted with tapered bushings 

Pressure regulator: Unloader valve 

Base frame, treated with antirust primer and first quality paint, with stainless steel protective panels and industrial wheels 

Dimensions: 1450x880x950mm

Technical features  PUMP

Triplex horizontal pump with ceramic coated steel plungers. Lubrication splash type 

Safety valve: Norm CE 

Stainless steel gauge filled with glycerin

Technical features  MOTOR

Type: Asynchronous, 3-phase, 4 pole 

400V, 50Hz 

Efficiency IE2 

External ventilation 

Form B3 

Insulation class F/B 

Protection rating IP55


H.p. hose 20m 

Fan nozzle 

HP gun 600/1000 with hose and nozzle holder

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