Idrobase Stella Maggiore Hot Water High Pressure ZX.2213-TS (200Bar/15L/min) Made-in-Italy

71.800.000,00 Rp 71800000.0 IDR

71.800.000,00 Rp

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Flow rate : 200 bar
Rpm : 21 l/min
Temperature : 45 - 65*C
Power : 7.5hp (3x400V-50Hz)
Weight : 154 kg

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    Details :
    The industrial pressure washer. Stella Maggiore is designed for continuous heavy-duty use thanks to the belt drive that ensures longer life and higher reliability. Equipped with a 1000Rpm pump for less wear and tear and with the advantage of 50% longer life compared to any other professional h.p. washer. For use even up to 24 consecutive hours.
    Technical Data :
    Tubular frame set made of chromed steel treated with polyester
    Cover made of thermoformed polystyrene
    Industrial pump 1000Rpm 50Hz, with crankshaft, bronze connecting rods, brass head, 3 ceramic plungers (99.5% alumina), exclusive water and oil sealing system, high performance stainless steel valves. Complete with thermal protection valve
    High efficiency electric motor 1000Rpm 50Hz, complete with electric box IP55 with ON/OFF circuit breaker switch, thermostat with switch and 5m electric cable
    Belt drive between motor and pump
    Water tank made of AISI 304 stainless steel7L capacity with float valve
    H.p. detergent dispensing
    Burner with delayed ignition
    Fuel tank 20L with level indicator
    Heater made of grey painted steel, galvanised steel inner jacket and stainless steel chimney
    Coil double spiral type Dia. 20, length 28.5m
    Dimensions WxLxH: 570 x 1200 x 860mm
    Standard Equipment :
    H.p. hose R2 5/16", 10m, with screw quick couplings
    Industrial compensating spray gun
    Professional lance 900mm
    H.p. nozzle 25 derajat high resolution
    Spesifikasi :
    Code : ZX.2213-TS
    Model : 1000 200/15 TS
    Merk : Idrobase
    Version : Total-stop
    Pressure : 200bar
    Flow rate :15l/min
    Rpm: 1000
    Temperature : 45 - 80 C *
    Power : 7.5hp (3x400V-50Hz)/3 ph
    Weight : 188kg

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