Idrobase Water High Pressure Diesel TORNADO ST 800/21 ST (800 bar) Made in Italy

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    CODE : ZX.800-21ST
    Model : 800/21 ST
    Version : By-pass
    Pressure : 800 bar
    Engine : Hatz Germany
    Flow rate : 21 l/min
    Power : 51 hp / 37 kw
    Weight : 700 kg

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    Details :

    • Force at the service of hydrocleaning. A Concentrate of power, quality and reliability, designed and intended for continuous and intensive use. Ideal for application changeovers such as in the naval and construction sector and for sand blasting.

    Applications Tornado ST Diesel :

    • Hydrotreating and ship repair : cleaning of underwater parts of ships, boilers, condensers, floating tanks, anchor chains. Removing dirt and deposits in tanks, holds, end compartments, water tanks, double bottoms, cleaning submarines. 

    • Foundries : removal of sand and earth from the molds, furnaces, molds, cleaning of parts. Microcasting: removal of mold coatings. Mines and quarries : equipment cleaning, rotary disc filters, conveyor belts, dust removal, cooling of drilling tools on feed heads.

    Spesifications :

    • Control panel : engine ignition key, hour meter, av indicators. whitefish. control candles before heating and stopping the engine. because of dove. oil temperature end. parts, belt break control. cooling fan. 

    • Engine : HATZ diesel 2 cylinder with cooling. air / HATZ diesel 3 cylinder with cooling. Air 

    • Transmission: Using a timing belt with taper pulleys. bushings 

    • Pressure regulator : Aut. manual valve. Min working pressure: 1bar (3bar for ZX.1000-19ST). 

    • Water circuit: Division. filtration  Water 

    • tank with a booster pump and double filtration 

    • Platform: bed made of pipes , with rust protection, painted high quality. paint, with protective soundproof panels made of stainless steel. Art.

    • Dimensions : 1500x1085x1100mm 

    Technical characteristics PUMP :

    Volumetric with 3 horizontal pistons made of whole ceramics. Vibration lubrication. End: Type L Fuse. Valve : according to EU Stainless. steel pressure gauge immersed in glycerin Technical characteristics ENGINE Type : HATZ engine, with suction Electric start. Air cooled. Tier III Emissions Fuel Tank Capacity : 60L 

    Spesifikasi :

    • Code : ZX.800-21ST

    • Model : 800/21 ST

    • Version : By-pass

    • Pressure : 800 bar

    • Engine : Hatz Germany 

    • Flow rate : 21 l/min

    • Power : 51 hp / 37 kw / 3 Ph

    • Weight : 700 kg