Katalog Karcher VC 6300

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1. VC 6300 The sides of the VC 6300 are designed with an elegant stainless steel style. The technical fea - tures are equally impressive: The ComfoGlide floor nozzle reduces effort when vacuuming car - pets by up to 30% even at maximum suction, and is also perfect for cleaning hard floors. The QuickClick system allows you to change nozzles and small accessories quickly and easily - with one hand and in seconds. A further innovation is the EasySlider obstacle navigator: A non-marking 360° rotating ring that turns when contact is made with obstacles, gently deflect - ing the vacuum around them. This protects both your furniture and the vacuum. This vacuum also complies with the highest hygiene standards: the HEPA 12 filter (EN1822:1998) has a high-efficiency seal for better dust retention. Even the smallest all ergenic particles are reliably retained. The blower air is purer than the ambient air. Additional comfort features: remote control on handle for adjustment of suction power. Clear LED display indicates the selected suction power. Other features on the handle: standby function for short interruptions. VC 6300, 1.195-541.0, 2016-06-24

3. Accessories for V c 6300 1.195-541.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 VC 6300, 1.195-541.0, 2016-06-24 Order No. Price Description Filter HEPA 12 filter* 1 6.414-805.0 The HEPA 12 high-performance filter (EN1822:1998) can be relied upon to capture pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and dust mite excrement. It consistently filters 99.9% of all particles over 0.3 μm. *(EN: 1822: 1998)  Fleece filter bag 2 6.904-329.0 Five-ply fleece filter bag, extremely tear-resistant, maintains suction power for longer, high dust retention rate.  Nozzles Parquet nozzle 3 4.130-172.0 Parquet floor tool with natural hair bristles for gentle clean - ing of parquet floors and other hard surfaces.  Turbo suction nozzle 4 4.130-177.0 Air-driven vacuuming nozzle Ideal for high-pile carpets and picking up animal hairs. For intensive, thorough and hygien - ic cleaning.  Mattress nozzle 5 6.906-755.0 Special mattress nozzle for hygienic vacuuming of mattress - es and recesses in and around beds.  Turbo upholstery nozzle 6 2.903-001.0     Included in delivery.         Available accessories.     

2. VC 6300, 1.195-541.0, 2016-06-24 VC 6300  Remote control on handle  Optical highlight: Sides finished in exlusive stainless steel look and LED power indicator on unit Technical data Order No. 1.195-541.0 EAN code 4039784059511 Rated input power W 2000 Operating radius m 10 Filter bag capacity l 4 Weight without accessories kg 7 Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 380 × 370 × 370 Equipment Suction hose m 2.3 Soft grip handle  Telescopic suction tube  Built-in QuickClick system: telescopic crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, furniture brush  Electric suction power control on handle (+ / – button) with additional stand-by function Filter bag Fleece HEPA 12 filter (EN 1822:1998)  Automatic cable rewind  Practical parking position  Crevice nozzle     Included in delivery.     


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