Nikko Steel Kawat Las Elektroda For Hardfacing and Resurfacing - Build up NSSUGAR

Brosur & Katalog Produk / Brosur & Katalog Produk

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1. MANUFACTURERS OF A DIVERSE RANGE OF ADVANCED WELDING CONSUMABLES SECTION 9 NS SUGAR NS SUGAR IS A HIGH CHROME CARBIDE ELECTRODE WITH MODIFIED WELDING CHARACTERISTICS FOR REPAIR WORK ON SUGAR CANE PROCESSING COMPONENTS DATA SHEET NO. 125 SPECIFICATION CLASSIFICATION - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The design emphasis of the flux is designed to ensure a slag solidification range that allows the chrome carbide particles to be evenly distributed within the austenitic alloy matric, so ensuring complete uniformity of hardness. The balanced lime rutile flux contains the appropriate alloying elements and is bound with a blend of silicates that ensures both coating strength and resistance to moisture absorption. WELDING FEATURES OF THE ELECTRODE The electrode welds with a smooth stable arc and easily strikes and re-strikes. Weld appearance is bright, almost of polished appearance, smoothly contoured and slag detachability is excellent. The ease of re-strike and slag characteristics allow the electrode to be used for special pattern welding, eg: lattice or button type procedures. APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS TO BE WELDED For surfacing of sugar mill feed roll, shredding knives and hammer bit. NS Sugar can be applied to repair the worn rolls during either running or stationary condition. WELD METAL ANALYSIS COMPOSITION % BY Wt. C Mn Si S P Cr Mo Nb Fe MIN 3.8 0.5 0.7 - - 33 0.5 0.5 MAX 4.5 1.5 1.5 0.03 0.03 38 1.0 1.0 TYPICAL 4.0 1.2 1.3 0.02 0.02 35 0.8 0.8 Bal. WELD METAL HARDNESS (ALL WELD METAL) AS WELDED 150 º C PRE-HEAT HRC HV OTHERS 1 st Layer 48 – 54 475 – 575 2 nd Layer 56 – 62 675 – 700 3 rd Layer 60 – 66 700 – 850 Actual hardness will be affected on base material composition, number of layers, heat input and welding conditions WELDING AMPERAGE AC or DC+ Ø (mm) 3.2 4.0 5.0 MIN 110 150 190 MAX 160 220 270 OTHER DATA Electrodes that have become damp should be re-dried at 150 o C for 1 hour. RELATED PRODUCTS Please contact our Technical Department for detail. WI-0304 DS125 NS SUGAR, Rev. 2, Date 01.01.2011


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