Nikko Steel Kawat Las Elektroda For Maintenance Welding ALUMIN 5

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1. MANUFACTURERS OF A DIVERSE RANGE OF ADVANCED WELDING CONSUMABLES SECTION 10 ALUMIN 5 BASIC FLUX COATED ALUMINIUM 5 SILICON ELECTRODE FOR WELDING NON HEAT-TREATABLE ALUMINIUM ALLOYS CONTAINING UP TO 5% Si DATA SHEET NO. 149 SPECIFICATION AWS A5.3 DIN-1732 CLASSIFICATION E4043 EL–AISi5 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Manufactured using a fully alloyed core wire, the chemically basic flux which contains a high proportion of chlorides and fluorides using a silicate with a high molecular ratio of silica to sodium oxide. The flux, as well as providing a shielding gas, also produces a slag with a vigorous cleaning action. WELDING FEATURES OF THE ELECTRODE The electrode is suitable for use on DC+ only. Aluminium has a low melting point, therefore the electrode burn-off rate is considerably higher than all other electrodes, thus necessitating high travel speeds. As the alloy is non-heat-treatable, it will only match the properties of cast alloys. APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS TO BE WELDED May be used for rectification of casting defects, particularly those present at the surface. Also for welding cast aluminium components which have become worn or damaged in service. May also be used for cosmetic repairs on similarly alloyed wrought components. The weld metal conforms to aluminium association designation cast alloys A43 or 43. WELD METAL ANALYSIS COMPOSITION % BY Wt. Mn Si Be Ti Zn Fe Mg Cu Al MIN - 4.5 - - - - - - MAX 0.05 6.0 0.0008 0.2 0.1 0.8 0.05 0.3 TYPICAL 0.04 5.1 0.0001 0.1 0.08 0.7 0.04 0.2 Bal. WELD METAL PROPERTIES (ALL WELD METAL) PROPERTY UNITS MINIMUM TYPICAL OTHERS Tensile strength N/mm 2 95 200 0.2% Proof stress N/mm 2 - - - Elongation on 4d % - 18 Reduction of Area (RA) % - - WELDING AMPERAGE DC+ ∅ mm 3.2 MIN 70 MAX 130 OTHER DATA Electrodes that have become damp should be re-dried at 60 o C for 30 minutes. RELATED PRODUCTS Please contact our Technical Department for detail. WI-0304 DS149 ALUMIN 5, Rev. 0, Date 01.09.2008


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