Nikko Steel Kawat Las Elektroda For Maintenance Welding NC-70

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1. MANUFACTURERS OF A DIVERSE RANGE OF ADVANCED WELDING CONSUMABLES SECTION 10 NC-70 A 70% NICKEL - 30% COPPER ELECTRODE FOR FULLY MACHINABLE CRACK-RESISTING WELDS ON ALL GRADES OF CAST IRON DATA SHEET NO. 146 SPECIFICATION AWS A5.15 EN ISO 1071 JIS Z 3252 CLASSIFICATION ENiCu-B EC NiCu-B DFC NiCu PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The design emphasis of the chemically basic flux assures the metallurgical integrity of the weld metal. The high graphite content of the flux is expelled from the molten metal, compensating for the compression welding stresses thus preventing weld metal cracking. The core wire is pure nickel. WELDING FEATURES OF THE ELECTRODE The arc is stable both AC and DC, but is very soft, thus minimising dilution. Weld beads are smooth, bright and evenly rippled. The slag is fairly fluid but relatively quick freezing, thus allowing smooth blends when edges are involved. The slag is readily controllable, thus making positional welding very easy, plus the slag is easily detachable. APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS TO BE WELDED Successful welding of cast irons is dependant on low strength weld metal and controlled heat input welding procedures. Both characteristics are assured by the use of NIK-100. NIK-100 may be used for all standard grades of grey cast iron and malleable cast irons. Typical applications include repairs to engine blocks and heads, gear housings, machine bases, as well as repairs to used castings. Is also used to rectify casting defects on new castings. WELD METAL ANALYSIS COMPOSITION % BY Wt. C Mn Si S P Fe Ni Cu MIN 0.35 - - - - 3.0 60 25 MAX 0.55 2.3 0.75 0.02 - 6.0 70 35 TYPICAL 0.45 0.4 0.3 0.01 0.01 3.5 65 30 WELD METAL PROPERTIES (ALL WELD METAL) PROPERTY UNITS MINIMUM TYPICAL OTHERS Tensile strength N/mm 2 275 0.2% Proof stress N/mm 2 - - Elongation on 4d % - 8 HV 140 - 160 Reduction of Area (RA) % - - Impact energy-not applicable J - - WELDING AMPERAGE AC or DC ∅ (mm) 2.6 3.2 4.0 MIN 50 70 100 MAX 80 110 140 OTHER DATA Electrodes that have become damp should be re-dried at 120 o C for 1hour. RELATED PRODUCTS Please contact our Technical Department for detail. WI-0304 DS146 NC-70 Rev. 1, Date 01.07.2013


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