Nikko Steel Kawat Las Elektroda For Maintenance Welding NS-20Cr

Brosur & Katalog Produk / Brosur & Katalog Produk

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1. MANUFACTURERS OF A DIVERSE RANGE OF ADVANCED WELDING CONSUMABLES SECTION 10 NS-20Cr LOW-CARBON 20% CHROME -NICKEL FREE ELECTRODE DATA SHEET NO. 148D SPECIFICATION BS 2926 DIN 8556 CLASSIFICATION 20.RMP E20 MPR 26 130 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A special rutile based flux with a positive ratio of chemically basic minerals to acid minerals that contains all the major alloying elements which is extruded onto a high purity ferritic wire. The use of balanced silicates ensures both strength of coating and resistance to moisture absorption. WELDING FEATURES OF THE ELECTRODE The arc stability is excellent on both AC and DC+ as is the electrodes ability for initial arc strike and re-striking. Spatter is minimal and the slag is readily detachable leaving smooth evenly rippled seams of pleasing appearance. Metal recovery is some 130% with respect to weight of the core wire. APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS TO BE WELDED For welding 26% chrome ferritic steel when excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in oxidising acids or in severe sulphidising condition needed which often found in production plant in the copper industry. Typical material includes : 442 steels – ASTM A 176 446 steels – ASTM A 276 This electrode suitable to used in condition which is unable to post weld heat treat. In all case, pre-heat temperature should be 150 to 200 º C, and interpass temperature must be as close to pre-heat temperature. WELD METAL ANALYSIS COMPOSITION % BY Wt. C Mn Si S P Cr Mo Fe MIN - - - - - 20 - MAX 0.1 1.0 1.0 0.02 0.02 22 0.5 TYPICAL 0.08 0.35 0.4 0.01 0.01 20.5 0.02 Bal. WELD METAL PROPERTIES (ALL WELD METAL) PROPERTY UNITS MINIMUM TYPICAL OTHERS Tensile strength N/mm 2 500 550 0.2% Proof stress N/mm 2 300 405 Elongation on 4d % - 12 Elongation on 5d % - 16 PWHT 760-820ºC / 1h then rapid air cooled or PWHT 1100 ºC / 1h furnace cool to 800 ºC then water quench WELDING AMPERAGE AC or DC+ Ø (mm) 3.2 4.0 5.0 MIN 100 140 180 MAX 150 190 230 OTHER DATA Electrodes that have become damp should be re-dried at 150 o C for 1 hour. RELATED PRODUCTS Please contact our Technical Department for detail. WI-0304 DS148D NS-20Cr Rev. 1, Date 01.07.2013


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