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1. perfect cool club dei r iparatori idro base idro tech 40 41 1 5 6 3 7 4 8 2 MADE IN ITALY MADE IN ITALY by TUBULAR FRAME SET Robust, thicker nickel steel with chrome plating CONTROL PANEL equipped with: • Star-Delta starting device • ON-OFF general switch • Emergency stop button PACKAGING “Roccia”, is supplied in a fumigated wooden crate ACCESSORIES Suitable to the importance of the machine ELECTRIC MOTOR 1450 Rpm exclusive double  ange motor which contains the elastic coupling WATER TANK Made of stainless steel, with brass recycling  oat valve, 30 lt capacity, with unloader valve INDUSTRIAL PUMP 1450 Rpm powerful and reliable for hard work MOTOR-PUMP DRIVE Elastic coupling contained in the electric motor  ange Industrial h.p. washer for heavy industries “Roccia” is the answer for those companies which require to do heavy, tough jobs, and for these reasons need: Power : to clean, to scrape and to sandblast. Reliability : for short and long periods. Safety : for the operator and for the machine. Economical : in terms of time and money. Roccia is the ideal solution for shipyards, road yards, mining industries, etc. Copyright © 2011 Idrobase. All rights reserved.

2. 40 41 ZX.2235 350/21 ZX.2250 500/16 350/21 500/16 ZN.FC200B2D2D • • CDR.0300 • CDR.0311 • • CDR.0790 • CDR.0402 • • CDR.0392 • • CDR.0393 • • CDR.500-1503 • CDR.500-1505 • ZX.1247 • ZX.1126 • ZX.0748 • • ZX.0748 COLD WATER Optional Code Description H.p. hose R2 3/8” 20m, 500bar, G3/8”F-F Compensated blue spray gun, 350bar, 30l/min, 160°C, G3/8F-G1/4F Industrial compensated spray gun, 500bar, 80l/min, 100°C, G1/2F-F Stainless steel professional lance 800mm , G1/4M-1/4NPT-F Shoulder rest, 300mm, connection M18x1,5M, for spray gun CDR.0311 Stainless steel professional lance, 800mm, 500bar, G1/2M-1/4NPT-F Stainless steel professional lance, 1250mm, 500bar, G1/2M-1/4NPT-F H.p. nozzle, 500bar, 15-030, 1/4NPT-M H.p. nozzle, 500bar, 15-05, 1/4NPT-M Super professional rotating nozzle 030, 500bar, 90°C, G1/4M Super professional rotating nozzle 05, 500bar, 90°C, G1/4M Sandblasting head with 4m PVC hose and stainless steel probe WARNING !!! It is obligatory to mount on the sandblasting head a 15° h.p. nozzle; its £ ow rate will change according to the pressure and £ ow rate of the h.p. washer. 60 Hz models are available. Ask for more information. Data, tables and  gures are just indicative. Any changes can be made by the manufacturer without notice. Code Model Version Pressure Flow rate Power Dimensions (W x L x H) mm Weight By-pass 350 bar 21 l/min Hp 20 (3x400V-50Hz) 730 x 1200 x 850 Kg. 270 By-pass 500 bar 16 l/min Hp 20 (3x400V-50Hz) 730 x 1200 x 850 Kg. 280 Technical features Standard equipment Technical data • Tubular frame set , made of nickel steel with chrome plating. • Industrial pump 1450Rpm, with crankshaft, bronze connecting rods, forged brass head for 350bar and SS for 500bar, 3 ceramic plungers, SS valves, “U” section water seals with anti-extrusion ring. Complete with unloader valve, safety valve and gauge with glycerine. • Electric motor 1450 Rpm 50Hz three-phase, with exclusive double  ange system, one to  x the pump and one which contains the elastic coupling, it is complete with electric box IP55. • Control panel with Star-Delta starting device, complete with ON-OFF general switch, emergency stop button and 5m electric cable. • Motor-pump drive , with elastic coupling contained in the electric motor  ange. • Inlet water › lter, made of SS AISI 316 with 10”  lter cartridge. • Water tank , made of stainless steel, 30lt capacity with brass  oat valve and by-pass recycling. • H.p. hose , 10m, R2 3/8”, 500bar, connections G3/8”F-F. • Compensated spray gun , 350bar, 30l/min, connections G3/8”F-G1/4”F, for 350/21 . • Industrial compensated spray gun , made of brass and SS, 500bar, 80l/min, G1/2”F-F, for 500/16 . • Professional lance, made of SS (straight), length 1050mm, for 350/21 . • Professional lance , made of SS (straight), length 1200mm for 500/16 . • H.p. nozzle 25° high resolution. • 10 m h.p. hose • Industrial compensated spray gun • Stainless steel professional lance and 25° h.p. nozzle. Copyright © 2011 Idrobase. All rights reserved.


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